Dances and Other Scenes 1891   T1 T1
Children and Hares 1892   T2 T2
Leisure Pursuits I 1887   T3 T3
*Various Scenes I 1889   T4 T4
Various Scenes II 1893   T5 T5
Leisure Pursuits II 1891   T6 T6
Various Scenes III 1892   T7 T7
Sporting Scenes 1890   T8 T8
*Floral Bouquets and Wine Goblets 1893   T9 T9
Youth and Girl in the Country 1894   T10 T10
*18th Century Costumes with Flowers 1895   T11 T11
*Various Scenes IV 1895   T12 T12
Story of Taverner and Customer 1895   T13 T13
*Ornate Framework in Various Styles 1895   T14 T14
*Floral Framework with Landscapes 1898   T15 T15
Country and River Scenes with Flowers 1898   T16 T16
*Floral Framework with Birds 1899   T17 T17
Illustrated Proverbs 1900   T18 T18
*Scenes with Historical Costumes 1903   T19 T19
Fruit, Regional Costumes and Buildings   M1 M1
Holiday Scenes   M2 M2
Dances and Other Scenes   M3 M3
Sporting and Other Scenes   M4 M4
Humorous and Other Scenes I   M5 M5
Humorous and Other Scenes II   M6 M6
Alpine and Exotic Views   M7 M7
Feasts-Alpine Deer   M8 M8
Caricatures I   M9 M9
Caricatures II   M10 M10
Amusing Kitchen Scenes   M11 M11
Various Scenes-Alpine Scenes II   M12 M12
Flower Series   M13 M13
Flowers on Palette I   M14 M14
Cherubs and Various Scenes   M15 M15
Children with Birds-Woodland Scenes   M16 M16
Drama and Opera Stars   M17 M17
Hunting and Equestrian Sports   M18 M18
Egyptian Types   M19 M19
Fishing-Family on Vacation   M20 M20
Foxhunting   M21 M21
Women, Food and Drink   M22 M22
Women of all Nations and Coats of Arms   M23 M23
Fishing and Harbour Scenes   M24 M24
Cherubs and Suitors   M25 M25
Shipping Lines and Steamships I   M26 M26
Scenes of Food and Wine   M27 M27
Amusing Scenes in Sport   M28 M28
Cutlery Knights-Cherubs at Play   M29 M29
Thoughts of Food and Wine   M30 M30
Fish, Game and Poultry   M31 M31
Birds   M32 M32
Playing Card Royalty-Wine, Women, Song   M33 M33
Japanese Women   M34 M34
Fruit and Flowers   M35 M35
Orchids   M36 M36
Royal Women   M37 M37
Uniforms and Badges of the British Army   M38 M38
Drinking Vessels -Landscapes   M39 M39
Flowers on Palette II   M40 M40
Italian Cities-Scenes from Operas   M41 M41
English Cathedrals   M42 M42
Knights and Princesses of the Heavens   M43 M43
Cricketers   M44 M44
Oedipus and the Sphinx-Wagner's Opera   M45 M45
Scenes from Dickens' Novels   M46 M46
Banquets   M47 M47
Arctic Explorers   M48 M48
Warships and Soldiers of Different Nations   M49 M49
Our Colonial Forces   M50 M50
Ancient Warriors-Operas of Meyerbeer   M51 M51
British Politicians   M52 M52
Verdi Operas-Views   M53 M53
Paris Exhibition 1900   M54 M54
Flowers on Palette III (Lemco)   M55 M55
Lemco Menus-National Series   M56 M56
Times of the Day-Floral Kingdom   M57 M57
The Sudanese Wars   M58 M58
Glimpses of the Celestial Empire   M59 M59
Shipping lines and Steamships II (Die-Cut)   M60 M60
Landscapes -Children Playing   M61 M61
Views of Scotland   M62 M62
Country Houses-Animal Families   M63 M63
Forest Scenes-Children at the Seaside   M64 M64
Rural Scenes-Children in the Country   M65 M65
Forest Scenes-Children Playing   M66 M66
Fruit and Nuts   M67 M67
Landscape Paintings by Dutch Artists   M68 M68
Paintings by Jean Baptiste Greuze   M69 M69
Buildings of Cologne   M70 M70
Rembrandt Tercentenary Menus   M71 M71
Forest and Country Scenes   M72 M72
Flowers with Insect on Palette   M73 M73