Origin of the trade card collection

Earlier trade cards and chromolithographs (we talk about chromos on the Continent) from 19th Century and early 20th Century.
The world of prints published in chromolithography is major. Thousands of trade cards were issued over the world. In the Netherlands and Belgium collectors collects a certain brand and collectors always strive to make their collection as complete as possible. The catalogs of different brands provide an important reference. In France collectors collects mostly thematic. The subjects are infinitely different. An example of the different themes: children, topography, history, children's games, dolls, plants, animals, billiard, sports, football, etc.

Trade card collection began over 100 years ago, today's strong interest in trade cards began relatively recently. Collections can be based on companies such as" Liebig " or subjects (for example, chess). Different categories are shown and mentioned here. Many chromolithographic trade cards were issued in sets and meant to be collected by children, piece by piece.